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Bringing the National Diabetes Prevention Program to Minnesota

I CAN Prevent Diabetes is a collaborative, community-based, lifestyle change program designed for people with pre-diabetes. The Minnesota Individuals and Communities Acting Now Prevent Diabetes (I CAN PD) offers type 2 diabetes prevention education and support for people with pre-diabetes. ICANPD is a marketing term for promoting the National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) in Minnesota. It is based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s curriculum and National Diabetes Prevention Recognition standards.

I CAN PD is just one of many NDPP programs in Minnesota. The Minnesota Diabetes Program endorses the availability and accessibility of all NDPP- based programs to all Minnesotans at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.  Click here for a list of NDPP Sites and Courses in Minnesota.  Fill out the NDPP course form and add your program to the NDPP calendar.

Type 2 diabetes – can be prevented or delayed in people with pre-diabetes if they make simple changes to increase physical activity and lose weight.

Type 1 diabetes – while we know some genes can increase risk for type 1 diabetes, we do not know what triggers it or how to prevent it.  To learn more about how to manage diabetes visit the MDH Diabetes Programs website.

This program provides the tools to prevent or delay adult type 2 diabetes where you live.

  • Training Opportunities for NDPP Lifestyle Program Coaches
  • An Evidence-Based 16 Week Class with 8 Monthly Post-core Maintenance Curriculum
  • Strategies for Recruiting People in Community, Work or Clinic Settings
  • Tips for Partnering With Other Organizations in Your Community to Defeat Diabetes
  • Resources for Promoting your Program and Tracking your Progress
  • A Diabetes Prevention Model that Builds Partnerships Between Minnesota Community,  Health Care Providers, Worksite and Public Health Officials


Individuals and Communities Acting Now to Prevent Diabetes©